Sun & Magic: Rusted Root

Rusted Root did a live performance of their new song, “Sun and Magic” when they stopped by the National Geographic Weekend radio studio a few days ago.  This song will be on their album scheduled to come out in September of 2012.  We’ll play part of the song to close out our radio show this week, but here for your dinning and dancing pleasure is the entire performance as recorded live at National Geographic.  enjoy!

Rusted Root at National Geographic

Rusted Root came by the National Geographic studios to do an interview for my radio show and sing a couple of songs.  You can hear part of the interview in a previous post on my web site, but here is their complete version of, “Send Me On MyWay.”

Rusted Root: Send Me On My Way

For most songwriters success could be defined as writing a song that eventually gets recorded and played on the radio for a few weeks.  But for Michael Glabicki and the band Rusted Root, when they released “Send Me On My Way,” a few weeks of radio airplay was just a small piece of the success that song would create.  It’s one of those tunes that sticks in people’s heads and one that you can’t escape even when you turn off the radio.  If you turn on the TV it may be there, if you go to a movie it may be in the sound track.  If you ride an elevator or walk through a mall, there’s a good chance you’ll hear a version of, “Send Me On My Way.”

We get to hear Rusted Root sing their biggest hit as well as a new song, “Sun and Magic,” on my radio show, “National Geographic Weekend” this week.  They stop by the studio to sing a little and talk with me about song writing, and using music to communicate with a broad spectrum of audiences.  They also tell me how it all began for Rusted Root more than twenty years ago.

This video has part of that interview and it also has them singing a little of “Send Me on My Way”.  Be warned after listening to this,  there’s a good chance you’ll also be singing their song as well.

Psychic Massages My Chakra

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I once met a psychic who could see the future, but couldn’t remember it.  At least that’s what she told me when I ask who was going to be the next president.  She said she could see a name but she forgot who it was.  I was sorry I had paid in advance.  Apparently looking into the future she could see me coming from a mile away.

On a trip to Sedona, Arizona some months ago, I was reminded of that psychic when I realized I had arrived in what I call, “the woo woo capital of America.  There are psychics, fortunetellers, tarot card readers, and crystal ball gazers on every corner.  It’s easier to find someone to do your charts than to do your laundry in Sedona.  I tried one of everything, and there was considerable disagreement as to what exactly my future holds.  Several did suggest there would be major career changes for me in the next few years.  I couldn’t argue if you consider retirement a career change.  I think they need to adjust their spiel based on the age of the client.

I also tried a few places that specialized in reading your past, your way past all the way back to previous lives.  People took pictures of my aura, and read my chakra, and took me to visit power points.  It was all for a column I wrote for National Geographic Traveler magazine.  This video shows part of my Sedona journey to get in touch with myself.  By the way after my chakra massage I did feel like a new person, or I did until I stood up and realized I had the same old bad knees.  That’s when I finally got an accurate reading on my future.  There will be pain and stiffness.