About Boyd

Promise me you’re not seeing anyone else.

Boyd Matson, in his work for National Geographic, has been bitten, scratched, or pooped on, and occasionally kissed by most of the creatures found at your local zoo.  What he refers to as his job, others might describe as a career spent attending summer camp for adults.

Currently Matson is the host of the weekly radio show, “National Geographic Weekend.”  Conducting interviews from the studio and from the field, Matson connects with some of the greatest explorers and adventurers on the planet to transport listeners to the far corners of the world and to the hidden corners of their own backyards.

Matson’s interviews are often based on his own first hand experience traveling to some of the most exotic and isolated places on the planet as a journalist and adventurer on assignment for National Geographic.  On his travels to all seven continents he has participated in high-adrenaline adventiures, witnessed amazing natural history, been present for exciting discoveries in archeology and paleontology, and documented disappearing cultural traditions.

Matson also writes about his experiencs in his monthly column, “Boyd Matson Unbound” for National Geographic Traveler magazine, produces videos for National Geographic.com, and serves as a spokesperson for the National Geographic Society.

Prior to hosting “National Geographic Weekend,” Matson, hosted the National Geographic Television-produced public T.V. series, “Wild Chronicles.”  He was also the longtime host of the award-winning series, “National Geographic EXPLORER.”   Before coming to National Geographic, Matson spent many years in network television news: co-anchor “World News Now” (ABC); host of “The Real Story” (CNBC); correspondent for “Real Life With Jane Pauley” (NBC); co-anchor and correspondent for “USA Today On TV”; co-anchor “Sunday Today” (NBC); and senior correspondent “Today” (NBC).


On the roof of Africa, Mt. Kilimanjaro

*Climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest peak three times.

*Done scuba diving in both Antarctic and Arctic waters.

*Competed in the Marathon Des Sables” a 7 day 150 mile foot race in the Sahara.

*Participated in New Zealand’s “Southern Traverse” endurance race.

*Recorded rare adolescent elephant behavior in Botswana’s Okavango Delta.

“Race of No Return” Gobi Desert

*Competed in the “Race of No Retiurn” a 7 day 150 mile foot race in the Gobi Desert.

*First journalist to fly with Operation Migration teaching captive-bred whooping cranes a migration route.

*Helped build protected habitats for endangered Tasmanian devils in Australia.

*Recorded rare footage of orcas teaching their young to hunt.

*Completed “The Walk” in Western Australia, an intense 10-day survival course across 125 miles of desert.

on the way to Everest basecamp

*Climbed through through the treacherous Khumbu Icefall and did the last interview with Babu Shiri Sherpa, the record-breaking mountaineer, just hours before his death on Mount Everest.

*Piloted one-person and two-person experimental submarines.

*Competed in “The Atacama Crossing” a 7-day 150 mile foot race across Chile’s Atacama Desert.

*Participated in a reserarch project counting river dolphin populations in the Amazon River.

*Rode in the Tevis Cup, a one-day, 100 mile horseback race across California’s Sierra Nevada mountains.