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Flying With Whooping Cranes

http:// Birds instinctively know how to fly, but migratory birds don’t know where to fly until someone, typically their parents, shows them. Captive bred whooping cranes hatched from incubated eggs would have no idea of how to find their migratory route if it weren’t for Operation Migration using ultra lights to lead the birds on […]

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Donald Trump the Musical

Throwback Thursday, the Donald. Trump’s recent domination of the headlines reminded me of a song parody we put together when I was hosting “The Real Story.” In the 90’s  he was on the front page daily for cheating on his wife Ivana, dating actress Marla Maples, buying Marla a big diamond ring, going bankrupt, and […]

Canoeing with Elephants

http://As good as it gets, an afternoon in Botswana canoeing with National Geographic filmmakers & Explorers in Residence, Dereck and Beverly Joubert, as elephants come to the river to drink.  Roger Miller sang, “You Can’t Roller Skate in a Buffalo Herd”, but as I found out can go canoeing in a buffalo herd and an […]

Breaking Up With An Icy Mistress

  It started like so many relationships, nothing serious just having a little fun together, and then you wouldn’t leave. Despite my telling you that your embrace left me cold you repeatedly insisted on wrapping me in your icy grip. Our days together stretched into months & I feared I might never again feel the […]

Tikal Mayan Ruins Tour

Long before Columbus arrived in the New World the Mayan civilization flourished across Central America.  They had a form of writing, an appreciation of art, an advanced understanding of astronomy, and of course that famous Mayan calendar.  They also left behind some impressive stone temples & pyramids. One of their most famous cities is Tikal […]

Botswana Then & Now: 20th Anniversary Trip

  To paraphrase the Beatles, It was 20 yrs. ago today that the Jourberts taught me to play…. in Botswana.  It was my 1st trip for National Geographic and the film camp for Dereck & Beverly Joubert in Botswana was my first stop.  They introduced me to their neighbors, some of Africa’s most famous wildlife, […]

USO Rocks Iraq with Kid Rock

  When I boarded the C130 in Kuwait headed for Saddam Hussein airport in Baghdad I had no idea I was heading to one of the most memorable concerts I would ever attend.  None of the entertainers on the plane with me who were part of a USO tour had any what was about to […]