Iguazu Falls: Water, Water Everywhere

Iguazu Falls, It’s South America’s biggest and most spectacular water park.  On the border of Brazil and Argentina, it’s been voted one of the seven wonders of the modern world.  Because it twists and turns and bends for almost two miles the falls seem as if they most me the biggest in the world.  And by the numbers, 275 different falls, which make up this dramatic panorama, it is the biggest.  It has less average water flow than Niagara, but it’s greater than Victoria Falls.

Around every bend there is a new perspective to be had causing you to ooh and aah again and again.  But one view not to be missed is the one from a boat at the bottom of the falls.  However don’t stare at this one with you mouth open in wonder or you might drown as the falls come tumbling down all around you, and on you.